W3C Validation/Compliance Check & Fix (SEO)

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We will make your website as close to W3C Compliant as possible. a.k.a. W3C Validation. 

Just like any natural language, programming languages like HTML & PHP have their own grammar, vocabulary, and syntax that should be followed to be understandable by the entity (person or device) reading it. Like any text document, files created in a markup language may have errors that fail to follow the rules for that language. Markup Validation checks the syntax of the programming language the page claims to use. Sucessful vaiidation indicates that the page is free of any of these errors.

When your website is W3C Compliant it makes it easier for the search engines to collect data about your website and report it easier. This will add credibility to your website where search engines are concerned, and they will be more likely to keep their data about you up to date.What is W3C? World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international standards organization that develops coding standards for the web.Why is W3C Compliance important?

  1. Compliant pages are SEO-friendly. Search engines can more easily crawl compliant pages, making it more likely that the page will be indexed, and that the content will be understood by the search engine. Compliance also gives you a leg up on the competition.
  2. Validation ensures that the code on the page is consistently readable by visitors and search engine spiders alike. The site will look and function in relatively the same manner across a variety of devices and browsers.
  3. W3C Validation future-proofs the page. When a page is built to specified standards, it is more likely that future web platforms will handle the page as it was designed.
  4. Standardized coding on the page makes the page easier to maintain.

Does my site need to be 100% Compliant? 100% Compliance can be pretty difficult with the variety of coding languages that work together on a website. While browsers and search engines attempt to work around this and usually appear to "work just fine," the closer the page is to 100% valid code, the better since it makes it much easier for the search engine to read your site pages. In other words, WC3 Compliance is for computers and search engines, not necessarily humans.

Includes W3C Compliance check and fix for up to 10 pages. 

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