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We will enroll your company with your own account with STATCOUNTER and provide all installations required to get this mega stats tool working on your website.

It may seem like Google and Bing offer everything a business owner could want when it comes to stats, but the tools that Statcounter offers are quite nice and often in comparison are easier to understand and can often be as useful as it's counterparts concerning similar / duplicate features. This service works amazingly well and yet much different than you might expect. Not only does StatCounter provide powerful statistics (albeit not quite as intuitive as Google and Bing but still very useful insights), but it also provides features that GOOGLE and BING do not.

Oh no - Somebody slap me - how can that possibly be? Such features include displaying simple stat counters on your website or even complex ones that will reveal to your customers as many details as you would like. Kind of like they own the place and can see what other visitors find useful when they visit your website. It is like a site map on steroids!!! It acts as a map showing the path people used before them and do I even have to tell you comfortable that will make them feel? Knowing what others did can be essential and this acts like on GIANT COLLECTIVE TESTIMONIAL, especially when their path leads to purchase or to contacting you! This is powerful because visitors believe other visitors and when they can see the REAL TIME stats about themselves they will be convinced that your stats are not just a show. That's right, you can track each individual that is on your website "AS" they are clicking, downloading, and buying! We cannot think of a single more powerful feature that an analytics tool could offer. Of course, if you do not want your visitors to view your stats you don't have to, as a matter of fact you can show them what you want or nothing at all.

STATCOUNTER - the # 1 real-time stat tool today!

Monitor actual human activity in real-time! This is a fantastic way to see "for yourself" what is happening when someone visits your site - in real-time.

Drill Down is a very powerful tool, and one of the most advanced features StatCounter offers. It allows you to drill down on your stats and view how each visitor contributed to your overall stats. This allows you to take control of the stats on your site, watch for certain visitors to return, and allows you to make appropriate offers based on who is at your site RIGHT NOW! It's the single best way to communicate with your customers that keep returning to your website but not necessarily taking the steps you want them to - without intrusively communicating directly to them.

Optional public stats - Show Links in your website that when clicked will allow your visitors to see exact details about your visitors. (If you do not want certain features to show, you can turn them off or leave them all on... your choice.)

Track file downloads from your site, e.g. pdfs, spreadsheets and more!

Rank the external links your visitors are clicking on

Set up automated e-mail reports - Great feature to keep the stats in front of you without having to take extra effort to go view them on your own. Set up the time it e-mails you and use it as motivation to stay on top!

+ More!

Includes complete set up in your company name and installation on your website and server.

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