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If your website is not currently mobile-compliant according to Google standards (i.e. the site is not currently responsive), we will create a new responsive website for you as part of this package! That's like getting the website for FREE! (minimum value $549.95)


Complete Details about our Full Service SEO Campaign

Certain specific SEO services are required on almost every website.

Minimum Total Package Value: $5474.95



Value: $250.00

We need to work on key words and key word density on your website. We will accomplish this through a series of modifications to your website as well as by conducting professional research into the key words most often used for your type of business. In many circles they refer to this as keyword analysis. For us however, we not only look at the key words possible for your business, but we also compare those key words that are derived directly from Google's database to what is happening in your website and make changes accordingly. We also compare the key words that Google suggests for your website to businesses that are currently receiving top 5 or better visibility through the top search engines. We then use that information to derive the number of hits you should expect from certain key words by giving you the global numbers and numbers associated with your physical location. The analysis we conduct will eventually help potential customers find you in a variety of ways as well as reveal to us new markets that are not currently being explored for your website.



Value: $250.00 per page

First we will want to work on your home page. After we complete some of the other key seo services listed below, we will optimize and promote the remaining pages as much as allowed by the various search engines.The important key is that we optimize each page before doing any kind of submitting to the search engines. This optimization process includes adjusting the keyword density on the page, modifying meta tags, inserting heading tags, adding alt tags to images, and modifying the content, as well as ensuring that the page URL is SEO friendly. We have several methods that we use for this. (As we proceed, you will receive complete reports on how Google currently views your site and how it ends up being viewed so that you are always on top of what is happening with your website). In addition to the home page we will be creating several other landing pages where search traffic can find you - where those pages are loaded with great information Google loves delivering to their users and where we make it impressively easy for them to contact you. Our optimization procedures will increase your keyword density and help the search engines to see that your keywords are relevant throughout your website and not just your home page.



Value: $1050.00

There are some "behind the scenes" files and code modifications that we need to do to make your site completely "Google Friendly" and to make it so you can rank highly. These include a variety of speed and security optimizations as well as some structural and code verification processes. At this point we are running your site through professional verification and compliance processes and are doing all work needed for compliance. This compliant verified code will make it easier for the search engine to spider as well as show Google that you are making your site as friendly and easy to use as possible for site visitors. Google wants sites that are visitor friendly - fast loading, mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and safe to use with unique clear content. In addition to what these code changes, we will install a favicon (this is the icon that appears in the browser tab next to the browser title). This helps with branding and recognizability which in turn helps people return to the site. We also need to add some Structured Data Markup (also known as Microdata or Rich Snippets) that help Google understand the content of the website.



Value: $700.00

We need to make sure that your website is mobile compliant according to Google standards. Typically, this means that the site should be responsive. If your site is not already responsive, we will ask that you add the responsive design upgrade to your website. In addition, we will install mobile "hamburger" navigation, click-to-call phone numbers, 1-click-for-map addresses, and thumb-friendly buttons.



Value: $150.00

We will create a Google Plus Business Page and link it to your website. This helps Google to know who you are and makes you more "trustworthy" to them which can increase your rankings.



Value: $150.00

Your website is in need of what we call "root files" that can communicate directly with the search engines. We will make sure that they are all available the way that they are supposed to be and that they communicate with the search engines appropriately. Among those files are Google xml sitemap, html sitemap, text sitemap, and robots.txt files. We will submit these to the search engines once some initial optimization has been done to your site. These files need to be constantly updated during the SEO process and we will handle all of these details for you. We will also take care of site verification code for Google, Bing/Yahoo. This code lets the search engine know that the sitemap submitted to them is authorized. Authorized sitemaps are crawled and indexed more efficiently and managed in our webmaster authorized analytic accounts. Verification can also increase your site rankings within the engines. We will then submit the sitemaps to both Google and Bing.



Value: $250.00

We will also enroll your site with Google analytics, Windows Live analytics (Bing/Yahoo), StatCounter analytics, and AddThis. These analytics engines will provide valuable data on what pages in your site are hit most often, as well as information about the visitors, their locations, and how they came to your site, among much other information. To us, while it is imperative that we get visitors to your site it is even more important that we get "buyers" to your website. How someone acts when they are on your site is dependent upon if they are qualified to purchase from you or not. After we have qualified buyers going to your website we will need to track their behaviors and shape the site experience to what they seek most and help them to respond to you with clear calls to action that help you get them into your sales cycle.



Value: $125.00

We will need to promote your website to the top search engine indexes. This is a long and tedious process but can make a difference in whether or not your SEO campaign is successful or not. We will promote your website to as many free indexes that we know about that your site could benefit from. (Normally the most important free index is DMOZ). During this process, we will inform you of indexes that you might consider purchasing placement in such as the Yahoo index. We will consult you at that time about what you can expect with each, costs involved, and importance. You will be given a choice as to whether you would like to purchase these placements or not. Indexes are used by the major search engines to verify their database of websites. It is very important to have your site listed in these indexes as they become a semi-permanent record for all sites listed in the major search engines.



Value: $150.00

We will submit your website to GOOGLE, YAHOO, ASK, MSN, BING, and approximately 20 others. This is also not an automatic process but not nearly as time consuming as index placement. We take great care to make sure that your site is promoted properly. Once the initial manual submissions to the search engines are complete, there are several other search engines that we will automatically promote your site to that may or may not require user action on your part. You will receive hundreds of offers from these companies via email; some will be free, and others will not. You will be able to choose to purchase their promotion or not based on their marketing. We normally do not get involved with these third party offers but know that there are many you can benefit from. Usually taking just the free offers is sufficient, but every once in a while we may recommend a certain promotion that might work for you and is worth trying.



We will verify that certain important pages exist on your website and add them if they do not. These include Privacy, About Us, and Contact Us. These pages are important to Google because it shows who you are and that you are credible and reliable. We may also look for Services and/or Testimonials depending on your website and goals.



Value: $500.00

We may need to beef up your local SEO presence and exposure. We will accomplish this via connecting the site to a variety of local directories as well as other professional methods. We will first want to get your site on Google Maps. One of the next things we want to do is to create a Yelp! account for you and to link to that account from the website and include the website in your Yelp! listing. We have another half dozen or so local directories to connect to as well that we need to get you in. We will added Geo Tags to the site which show the search engines your GPS location, and to push your local/regional rankings higher we will create accounts/pages/listings/profiles on Yahoo! Local, HotFrog, CitySearch, and as relevant. These will help increase the number of relevant backlinks to your website. We may also expand your reach by bringing this same type of programming further and further beyond your geocentric location, but first we must establish dominance locally.



We need to verify that any social networks your site already links to include a link to the site itself. We also need to make your social networks match your new website for branding and identity purposes of users.



Once the above items have been completed, we will move on to more specific SEO services based upon your genre, your keywords, your current search rank, and your marketing goals.


For the best possible results in the search engines, have us conduct a complete SEO campaign for your website. We will optimize your home page, set up sitemap & robots, conduct keyword analysis, install analytics, insert a favicon, make code modifications to speed up and further secure your website, validate the code, insert rich snippets into the content, submit your sitemap to Google and Bing, submit your site to several search engines and search engine indexes, and create a Google Plus page. We will also analyze your website and perform additional custom SEO services specifically to help your site to perform in the search engines.

Begin by purchasing this package which is available with 2 SEO payment plans:

$300.00 per month for 6 months minimum


$150.00 per month for 12 months minimum

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