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BING WEBMASTER TOOLS - Will will enroll your company and website with Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing/Yahoo analytics from Windows Live) and set up your analytics in accordance with their recommended policies. We also provide complete installation services on your website and server so you can get the most out of what Bing has to offer. Professional setup insures that all coding is done correctly and that all phases are tested properly.

Bing, second only to Google is one of the largest search engine companies in the world and directs traffic to billions upon billions of websites every year. To be part of that traffic, it is highly advised that you have proper set up of their tools on your site and server. Better yet, if you want to run an effective SEO campaign, the tools Bing offers are unparalleled to any other single service in existence! This is one of the most popular analytics tools and for good reason.

BING webmaster tools will help you with every effort you put into an SEO campaign. Period. Well, actually there is much more - take a look:

SEO Reports is a tool that scans your website every other week and automatically reports on compliance with 15 SEO best practices for on page optimization. It gives you tips and tricks used by expert promoters and reports all problems currently visible to Bing and Yahoo found on your website. It practically guides you on how to fix your site for successful organic SEO purposes.

LINK Explorer: The Link Explorer feature is probably the best free tool for finding which URLs link to a particular URL or domain. This can be used to help you find resources that will be willing to send traffic to your site based on your genre and key words found in your website. View up to 20,000 links per page and download all links

Keyword Research tool will suggest key phrases related to the terms you enter, and will indicate the search volume of those keywords based on organic searches, not just paid searches like Google Adwords tools do. This is important because you need to know what key words you should be including in your website so that you can get this most traffic and this tool will help you analyze that like a pro!

Disavow links feature allows you to add URLs, subdirectories, or domains that link to your site that you do not want to be associated with. This can be huge in making sure that only sites you approve of end up associated with your business.

Dashboard - shows a clear summary of how well your site(s) are performing in Bing with percentage changes noted.

Configure my site - Provides a complete guide to configure your entire website to be fully optimized for bing and yahoo!

Site Activity – See a graph of clicks from search alongside impressions, pages crawled, crawl errors and pages indexed. Choose dates from the date picker or the pre-sets.

Page Traffic – View how many clicks and impressions your pages received in the search results. This data seems more feasible than Google Webmaster Tools' rounded up figures. Compare different keywords used for these clicked pages.

Index Explorer – Shows a hierarchical view of your sites pages. A good way to visualize site structure.

Crawl information – A breakdown of issues found by Bing whilst crawling your site, 404 errors, 500 errors, pages with 301 & 302 redirects, robots.txt exclusions, DNS and connection issues. Malware – List the different types of Malware found on your site (if there has been any).

+ many more features!

Includes complete set up in your company name and installation on your website and server.

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