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The Spam Bot Killer Kit gives you ultimate Spam Blocking Power while installed on your website. This Kit stops spam bots from using your web forms and keeps their unwanted messages from ever penetrating your email inbox. Spam messages received through your forms are not only unwanted and time consuming to deal with, but can also contain threatening viruses or malware which represent a serious threat to your computer, business, and customers.

✓ Stops up to 99.9% of the SPAM you receive as a result of spam bots crawling through your website forms
✓ Comfortably receive email from your site visitors while stopping Spam Bots in their tracks
✓ Prevents threatening viruses from being sent to your computer, your network, and your customers
✓ Take advantage of the latest "Are You Human?" CAPTCHA technology
✓ Utilize powerful spam bot traps that ultimately stop spam bots from ever using your website forms
✓ Increase your efficiency by not having to work in a cluttered business email box
✓ Stay focused on important email rather than sorting through frustrating and bogus email

* When you stop spam bots from using your forms, you prevent a host of threats while still giving your valued customers the most convenient way of contacting you.

Spam received through website forms has become a devastating and frustrating issue for multitudes of businesses across the globe. Some owners reportedly receive hundreds or sometimes even thousands of unwanted SPAM emails through the forms available on their website(s). What's worse is that many of the spam messages being sent pose threats to the receiving computer as well as anyone else on their network and even their email lists.

If you are like the majority of website owners, you have probably already discovered that unwanted spam email can keep you away from your daily business routine and can prevent you from being able to find important messages from clients and customers that would otherwise lead to sales or better customer relations. When it comes to your business, you want nothing but the best and that's exactly why we made the Spam Bot Killer Kit!

Acera Technologies has heard the cry of our clients and of website owners everywhere and are proud to have developed the best possible way to stop UNWANTED SPAM BOTS from using your website forms. With this kit, you can comfortably receive the email you need to receive from your site visitors while Killing Spam Bots in their tracks! Our Spam Bot Killer Kit utilizes the latest "Are You Human" CAPTCHA technology, invisible traps, field verification, field comparisons, multistage forms, as well as other highly specialized spam detecting scripts that can reduce the spam you receive as a result of spam bots crawling through your website by up to 99.9%! This kit allows you to say NO to SPAM BOTS, keeps your email INBOX cleaner, and helps to ensure that you get the email you need to receive from your website. When it's time to get back to the important matters of your business, it's time for the SPAMBOT KILLER KIT by Acera Technologies.


Complete Spam Bot Killer Kit Installation and Setup on your website
Installation of a new website form WITH CAPTCHA on any one page (i.e. contact page, survey, etc.)
Careful installation of spam detection scripts that stop spam - not business
Professional set up of spam bot traps
We take care of the entire configuration and will match your website perfectly
Unlimited email support for 90 days
Unlimited lifetime usage license for 1 domain

* Need multiple forms protected? Only $49.95 per additional page on the same website we install forms on and protect.

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